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Shop > Joyfolie

  In a world of faceless conglomerates, Joyfolie is a small company offering unique and sometimes even one-of-a-kind items. Joyfolie is a play on words: it is pronounced like the common word "joyfully" but "folie" is the french words for frenzy/madness because children are a joyful frenzy {at least mine are!} It is also based on the quote by Pedro Calderon: "love that is not madness is not love." When we love, we do it with a reckless abandon, a beautiful excess, if you will. 10% of the profits of Joyfolie go to Giving Children Hope, a non-profit organization that refurbishes medical equipment that would otherwise go in a landfill for use in impoverished areas and for disaster relief.

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Joyfolie Kaila Neon Dot Sandals-Joyfolie Kaila Neon Dot Sandals Free Shipping. Joyfolie Girls Sandals, Free Shipping. Joyfolie Girls Boots, Toddler Shoes, Free Shipping.
Joyfolie Kaila Neon Dot Sandals
Joyfolie Mila Sneakers Spring Green-Joyfolie Mila Sneakers Spring Green Free Shipping. Joyfolie Girls, toddlers, shoes, boots, sandals, free shipping.
Joyfolie Mila Sneakers Spring Green
Joyfolie Black Boho Hat-Joyfolie Black Boho Hat
Joyfolie Black Boho Hat
Out of Stock
Joyfolie Reese In Sunny Lime-Joyfolie Reese In Sunny Lime, Free shipping. Joyfolie Girls Clothing, Girls Shoes, Girls Sandals. Joyfolie Free Shipping.
Joyfolie Reese In Sunny Lime
Joyfolie Farrah Black Sandal-Joyfolie Farrah Black Sandal Free shipping. Joyfolie girls sandals, gladiators, Farrah, finleys, free shipping.
Joyfolie Farrah Black Sandal
Joyfolie Reese in Pink-Joyfolie Reese in Pink free Shipping. Joyfolie girls shoes, girls clothing, toddler clothing, free shipping.
Joyfolie Reese in Pink
Joyfolie Trouble Tee Shirt-Joyfolie Trouble Tee Shirt Free Shipping. Joyfolie Girls Tee Shirts, Skirts, Shoes, Boots, Free Shipping.
Joyfolie Trouble Tee Shirt
Joyfolie Fierce Grey Tee-Joyfolie Fierce Grey Tee Free Shipping. Joyfolie Girls Clothing, Skirts, Tee Shirts, Booties, Free Shipping.
Joyfolie Fierce Grey Tee
Out of Stock
Joyfolie Hazel Silver Sequin Skirt-Joyfolie Hazel Silver Sequin Skirt Free Shipping. Joyfolie Girls Clothing Free Shipping. Joyfolie Girls Shoes, Shorts, Skirt, Tees, free shipping.
Joyfolie Hazel Silver Sequin Skirt
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