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Shop > Joyfolie

  In a world of faceless conglomerates, Joyfolie is a small company offering unique and sometimes even one-of-a-kind items. Joyfolie is a play on words: it is pronounced like the common word "joyfully" but "folie" is the french words for frenzy/madness because children are a joyful frenzy {at least mine are!} It is also based on the quote by Pedro Calderon: "love that is not madness is not love." When we love, we do it with a reckless abandon, a beautiful excess, if you will. 10% of the profits of Joyfolie go to Giving Children Hope, a non-profit organization that refurbishes medical equipment that would otherwise go in a landfill for use in impoverished areas and for disaster relief.

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Joyfolie Etta Dress in Blush IN STOCK-Joyfolie Etta Dress in Blush IN STOCK, Free Shipping.
Joyfolie Etta Dress in Blush IN STOCK
Joyfolie Ainsley Sweater-Joyfolie Ainsley Sweater
Joyfolie Ainsley Sweater
Joyfolie Blair Skirt Size 4, 5, 6-Joyfolie Blair Skirt
Joyfolie Blair Skirt Size 4, 5, 6
Joyfolie Serena Skirt-Joyfolie Serena Skirt
Joyfolie Serena Skirt
Joyfolie Gemma in Silver-Joyfolie Gemma in Silver, Free Shipping. Joyfolie Girls Clothing, free shipping. Joyfolie Girls shoes, boots, toddler shoes, youth shoes, free shipping.
Joyfolie Gemma in Silver
Joyfolie Natalia in Cranberry Shoes YOUTH Pre Order-Joyfolie Natalia in Cranberry Shoes YOUTH, free shipping. Joyfolie Girls holiday dresses, holiday shoes, free shipping.
Joyfolie Natalia in Cranberry Shoes YOUTH Pre Order
Joyfolie Natalia in Ruby-Joyfolie Natalia in Ruby in stock, free shipping. Joyfolie Girls Shoes, holiday shoes, free shipping.
Joyfolie Natalia in Ruby
Joyfolie Arianna in Bronze-Joyfolie Arianna in Bronze, free shipping. Joyfolie girls Clothing, shoes, boots, free shipping.
Joyfolie Arianna in Bronze
Joyfolie Gemma in Rosegold-Joyfolie Gemma in Rosegold free shipping. Joyfolie girls clothing, shoes, boots, free shipping.
Joyfolie Gemma in Rosegold
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